Manufacturer Products

Traction Control Systems, Inc. is a full service specialty concrete and flooring contractor located just outside Detroit,MI. As a proud member of the Ardex LevelMaster/ PanDomo.

Subfloor Preparation
Moisture Remediation
Patching Compounds
Self-Leveling Underlayments 

Concrete Toppings (wear surface)
Toppings/Designer Floors
General Purpose

Engineered Concrete Repair Systems
Structural Repair Mortars
Engineered Toppings
Sealers and Joint Sealants
Priming & Bonding

Polished Concrete Topping System
Substrate Preparation
Polished Concrete System
Concrete Treatments
Concrete Crack & Joint Treatments 

Design Floor Toppings
Design Trowelable Toppings
Design Wall Finish
Design Sealers
Substrate Preparation



ARDEX PANDOMO® Floor and PANDOMO® FloorPlus open a multitude of exclusive design possibilities for each room. It all begins with a cementitious floor topping which provides an unlimited range of designs and colors.PANDOMO floors provide the perfect canvas to implement a designer’s vision. Download PDF


ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installers® are a select group of highly skilled installers chosen as elite partners, because of their experience, technical proficiency, and commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship in their trade. They share our commitment to excellence and they are fully backed and supported by ARDEX! Download PDF