Subfloor Preparation – Moisture Remediation

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ARDEX MC ULTRA ARDEX MC™ ULTRA Moisture Control System – The ARDEX MC ULTRA Moisture Control System is an epoxy-based moisture management system especially suited to treat areas of new concrete where the construction schedule is such that adequate drying of the concrete cannot be afforded. ARDEX MC ULTRA is also recommended over existing concrete where the level of moisture emissions from the slab exceeds the maximum allowed by the manufacturer of the finish floor covering or coating, up to 100% RH.
ARDEX MC PLUS Moisture Control System  

ARDEX MC™ PLUS Moisture Control System – A two-coat, 100 percent solid epoxy moisture control system formulated to suppress moisture vapor emissions in new or existing concrete prior to the installation of ARDEX Americas Underlayments. The ARDEX MC PLUS system is based on a reactive epoxy that produces a hard surface and bonds tenaciously to the substrate. There are two components: the ARDEX MC™ PLUS PRIMER, which is red in color and is installed as the base coat, and the ARDEX MC™ PLUS SEALER, which is dark green in color and serves as the sealer coat. After sufficient drying, the surface of the system is then primed prior to installing the selected ARDEX Americas underlayments and then the final finish flooring. Once cured, this two-coat system reduces any level of moisture emissions to an acceptable level, even over new concrete that is only 7 days old. No sand broadcast is necessary for underlayment layers of 1/4” (6 mm) thick or less.

ARDEX MRP ARDEX MRP – ARDEX MRP is a trowel-grade, cementitious patching and smoothing compound for filling and repairing heavily profiled indoor concrete on all grade levels prior to the installation of ARDEX Moisture Control Systems. Engineered with Portland cement and select high performance polymers, ARDEX MRP bonds readily to concrete surfaces and is completely moisture resistant. It is easy to apply, hardens quickly, and produces a surface finish that is suitable for the installation of ARDEX MC™ Moisture Control Systems without having to re-profile the surface of the patch after it is installed. ARDEX MRP is recommended for commercial and residential applications.
ARDEX K 301 ARDEX K 301 – ARDEX K 301 is a self-leveling Portland cement-based topping and underlayment for fast track resurfacing and smoothing for exterior and interior applications over concrete, porous tile and certain non-porous surfaces when properly prepared – on, above or below grade.