Engineered Concrete Repair Systems – Priming & Bonding

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ARDEX BACA Bonding Anti-Corrosion Agent ARDEX BACA™ Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent – ARDEX Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent is a two-component, brush or spray applied coating used as an anti-corrosion agent for reinforcing steel, as well as a bonding agent for fresh concrete or mortar to existing concrete surfaces that have been prepared for repair. Use ARDEX Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent as a bonding slurry on properly prepared concrete patches or apply it directly to reinforcing steel in concrete to protect against corrosion and rust once embedded. Used in horizontal or vertical concrete repairs and shotcrete installations, ARDEX Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent is recommended for all types of applications.
 ARDEX EP 2000 Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer ARDEX EP 2000™ Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer – ARDEX EP 2000 is a two-component epoxy preparation material formulated for use with ARDEX Toppings and Underlayments. It is especially suited to prime concrete and non-porous substrates prior to installing ARDEX Engineered Concrete Repair products.
 ARDEX P 71 Primer ARDEX P 71™ Primer – ARDEX P 71 is a non-film forming exterior primer used to improve the application of most ARDEX Engineered Concrete Repair products that require a saturated-surface-dry (SSD) installation method over absorbent concrete substrates. ARDEX P 71 is ready to use, simply broom or brush onto prepared substrate (SSD) and install over it immediately.