Engineered Concrete Repair Systems – Waterproofing

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ARDEX ARDICOAT PLUS ARDEX ARDICOATâ„¢ PLUS – ARDEX ARDICOAT PLUS is a two-component system consisting of a liquid acrylic emulsion and a blended cement powder that produces an easy-to-apply waterproof coating for all types of concrete and masonry on horizontal or vertical surfaces on all grade levels.
ARDEX ARDICOATâ„¢ MESH – ARDEX ARDICOAT MESH is a highly flexible treated glass fiber mesh that reinforces ARDEX ARDICOATâ„¢ PLUS waterproofing compound. Embedding this mesh into the freshly applied waterproofing compound helps to minimize telegraphing of dormant cracks, and also reinforces critical transitions where building materials change planes. Typical uses are over dormant cracks as well as floor to wall and wall to wall transitions on commercial and institutional applications.